Katie & Marco // Iceland Elopement

 Katie & Marco | Iceland Wedding Photographer

Iceland Wedding Photographer

Katie and Marco invited me to come and document their elopement in Iceland and from the moment we met on the first day,  I knew we’d get along wonderfully. Over the next few days, as I got to know Katie & Marco a bit more , I learned that they are two truly amazingly talented individuals with plenty of passion and love for each other.  We ventured and hiked to different locations to shoot and explore the beauty that Iceland had to offer. It was truly an honour to witness their elopement over looking Haifoss waterfall.

In addition to the stunning landscape, being in their company was a truly an amazing experience that will be unforgettable!

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  • Terry said:

    Crazy good!

  • You photographed at all of my favorite spots...this is so beautiful, James! So simple and classic and timeless.

  • Oh man, this is absolutely stunning! I could take any of these pictures and hang on my wall! Work of art! Always very excited to see your blog posts! Keep it up and sign me up for your next workshop! HAha... Best! Gx